Take THAT expectations!

Sometimes, the professional world helps me to gain perspective and get better handle on what we're dealing with. Having expectations is helpful, in part. It is helpful to know, though he began reading at age 2, that his understanding or comprehension of the text he has the ability to read MAY be well below the level of his reading. He actually MAY not be able to comprehend what he is reading AT ALL. And when it comes to more advanced fiction, later on, he MAY have a lot more trouble.

Long ago, he started laughing as he read. So, we've known that expectation was thrown out the window. He totally thinks some of the text/pictures are hilarious, especially in his Curious George books. It is quite entertaining to see.

But, yesterday, we got a new magazine subscription in the mail from Memaw. Highlights, 'High Five'. What a TREAT!! Page 12. Word Math Problems.  He got every single one of them correct, immediately.

"One spaceman is in the truck. Another one is climbing in. When he gets in, how many will be in the truck?"  Two

"Two spacemen are on the table. Look! Another one is climbing up the table leg. When he gets to the top, how many will be on the table?"   Three

"A spaceman is going for a ride on the dog's back. Another one wants to ride, too! When he jumps on, how many will be on the dog?"  Two

Take THAT Expectations! :)


walking said...

I have long let go of expectations. We take each miracle and milestone as it comes and then laugh at the folks who said, "Pamela will never . . . ."

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Your little boy is just precious!

Laura said...

wow! That's amazing. And yes, expectations are pretty useless.