"Ages 4+"

I don't usually have to look long or hard to find something to keep me laughing. With a 2 year old around my ankles and a 3.5 not far away, I am in constant struggle to keep my giggles under control.

You mom's know what I'm talking about. It's that kind of thing where they're getting into something they're not supposed to, but it's SO funny you just have to step away for a few moments before declaring their misbehavior.

Or, it's the thing that you so badly don't want to turn into an 'issue' and so you really, I mean REALLY shouldn't laugh in front of them.... but then you do.... and you just can't stop.  I see you over there laughing. You know what I'm talking about...

So, today, I was waiting for quiet to rush over the house (we call it naptime). I was sitting here pecking away at the previous blog post when DS came to me so upset that he didn't get to play at all between school/lunch/nap. I conceded to allow him 30 minutes of play time before he went back in for nap. I felt it was a very reasonable concession.

He picked a board game we haven't played in a very long time. There's a good reason that game was on clearance... it's no good. I set him up right near where I was and went back to my typing. And I hear.... 

"No, No, Nooooo. But, it says, 2-3 players"

"What do you mean buddy?"

"You have to have 2-3 players. Play with me."

"Ok. Be right there." No arguing with that one.

We played a little.... not having instructions or any real desire to find any, I just made up some simple rules and we played for a few minutes. All the while I was waiting for him to find the flaws in the made up game. But, he didn't. He happily played along.

Until. He looked back over at the box and studied it for a moment...

"It says Ages 4+. I'm 3. We're all done. I will play again on [insert birthdate] when I turn 4. Mommy, you are 31, so YOU can play LOTS of times."

I could not contain my laughter. So literal. So, well, obedient really. Hey, it DOES say ages 4 and up. Who can argue with that? 
And we were done.

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Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

Whoa. Simply blown away by the comprehension and logic. You, my friend, will be in trouble in a few years with a negotiator like this. ;)