The radio

I've watched some movies recently, "Mozart and the Whale", "Adam" with main characters who have Asperger's Syndrome (purely for entertainment). I've read a little. Talked to a slew of other moms. I've come to my own conclusion that DS probably fits that label a bit better, though diagnostically, his language delay and toileting issues are not textbook for Asperger's.  Plus the fact that he's a bit young. Wherever he falls on the spectrum... it's not Kanner's Autism & I've been in overdrive trying to understand him better so i can be a better mom and advocate.  It is fair to say, I have been immersed & the asperger's books are helping more than anything else I've found so far.

Today marks a first.

For a long time, we've had pragmatic language on our speech session roster. We've worked on conversation volleys, requests, clarification, commenting, etc. It has only been very recently that, again, his language has exploded. He is still more on his own topics of interest and his longer conversations are usually tinted with lines from tv shows or his books on tape - but they are rather subtle - much of the time he steals their tone and not their exact words. He will even say, 'Look' to get our attention now, which is something that I JUST noticed today. He still has a long way to go, still needing plenty of instruction, but it seems as if he's met a whole new set of goals.  He's definitely starting to come out with some more original thoughts and needs.

I've never actually been a part of one of those conversations where you know that the answer that is coming out is far beyond the expectation of the original commenter. Until today. And even then, it at least started as something that might be expected from a 3 year old....and then he passed the line....and then he sprinted further..... 

Yesterday, we were at Walgreens. DS owns a little MP3 player, got it for Christmas. He saw this same little 'radio' at the store and debated me on buying ANOTHER one. What we would need another one for, I don't know. I imagine it was just his fascination that they sold the exact same one. 

Today, we took baby sis to the doctor. DS took his radio in with him. It is very quiet and I knew it would keep him out of mischief. When the nurse walked out to the waiting area she said,

"Oh, your radio is really cute"

His response, "Yeah, uh-huh. This is my radio. I got it at walgreens. We drove to number [address] 2956 in the black car. When we got there, we went in and walked to number [aisle] 9. It was Twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. It is blue with lots of numbers. I have 34 songs. Un-huh. Yep. I am listening to number 17 and I will listen to the whole song. when I get to the end of number 17 I will listen to number 18. I need to listen to the whole song...... "

I had to cut him off to go back to our room, but I would have loved to just sit there and watch this play out until he was done. 

I was amazed and in awe of all the words and sequencing that came out of his mouth. At the same time, I felt a bit sorry for the nurse who had made the innocent comment. And then, also, I knew this is a new thing we'll eventually have to work on. But I was just so happy to see him relating to a comment like that, I would have let him drone on and on all day if I could.


Queenbuv3 said...

Very Aspergian indeed. He sounds like a fascinating kid. Whatever his dx you are going to have a very interesting life with your son. You are very blessed : )

I have a tendency to be long winded and can ramble on with every detail when answering a question that would probably require only a 2 or 3 word response.

My son is classic Autism and has severe echolalia. He is an excellent mimic. He will not only quote whole scenes, commercials, etc. but he does it in the same tone and with all the sound effects. I've been told that he will probably develop more purposeful speech through his echolalia.

Just like you I never get tired of hearing my son talk because he didn't for so long and I feel so blessed he has words even when he is just mimicing. He has used his echolalia to communicate at times.

I think most people take for granted the ease with which they communicate with others. Those of us with children who have speech and language processing disorders know how complex communication is. And we don't take a single word or hint of understanding for granted : )

Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

Fantastic that he could hear the comment AND process it AND respond. Together, at the same time! That is Amazing!